Nanpi county, Hebei organized
 Your current position:The ideal place of investment
The ideal place of investment

Profound cultural inside information

Predominant geographical location

Convenient and developed transportation

Self-contained infrastructure establishment

Complete suited service

Expanded industrial constructure

Preferential policy

The main enterprises of nanpi

  The ideal place of investment
The ideal place of investment
NANPI County lies in the southeastern part of Hebei province, and on the south of Beijing and Tianjin, north of Shandong, west of Bohai Sea, east of the Grand Canal. Its history is long. The land is aboundant. It is a place of the birth of heroes. It has the profound superiority of industrial bases which are the base of electronic and hardware products in China and the producing and exporting base of glassware and planting and processing base of cotton in china. Under the county government there are six towns and three townships with an area of 800 square kilometers and a population of 360,000. The geographical location and communication are all convenient. Jing-fu state road, Jing-Hu highway and Jing-Hu railway pass through the county. Zheng-gang province road runs from west to east. The asphalt road is leading everywhere in the county. The power is supplied with dual power sources from the two power networks of North-China and South-Hebei. The resources of petroleum, natural gas, subterranean heat are plentiful in the county. Nanpi has the developed medical condition, good school education and beautiful living environment. We earnestly welcome friends and business people of insight come to Nanpi to invest and develop your business. 

Mr.Wen Jiabao,Premier of the State Council,is inspecting the countryside work in Nanpi

Mr.Zhao Kezhi,secretary of provincial Party committee,is inspecting industrial enterprises in Nanpi.

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